Windows 8 Sales Grind to a Halt, But Some Folks Who’ve Tried It Like It A Lot

Motley Fool’s Steve Heller observes that four months after being released into the wild, no one seems to care that Microsoft Windows 8 has been desperately trying to reinvent the desktop PC experience. Heller reports that according to Net Applications, February was a disastrous month for Windows 8; with Microsoft’s new flagship OS only gaining 0.4% more of the desktop PC market, and cumulativvely since its debut having only achieved an embarrassingly low 2.67% market share.

Heller notes that the pace of adoption is so awful that Microsoft Vista actually commanded more of the market after the same amount of time, and observes that judging by the last decade of share performance, Microsoft investors are obviously feeling the effects of living within a post-PC world.

How Joe Wilcox Came To Love Windows Again – Two Words: “Surface Pro”

On the other hand, BetaNews columnist Joe Wilcox has posted a glowing report on Windows 8 after using it for most of February on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet as his primary PC, saying he’s loved the experience.

“I haven’t felt so good about using a Microsoft operating system for a decade,” enthuses Wilcox. “Actually, I’ve never felt like this. Windows 8 Pro is simply amazing when experienced on the right device, and starting point is touch. Modern UI really works for me. Windows 8’s visuals are stunning, making a truly satisfying and fun place to work. I enjoy working on Windows 8, which pretty UI beckons me to come back again and again.”

“Surface Pro is how Microsoft’s Modern UI needs to be experienced,” says Wilcox, lamenting that distribution is limited to a few stores and a few countries.

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