Apple Penetrating The Enterprise, Whether IT Pros Like It Or Not

InfoWorld’s Mel Beckman notes that Apple products like the iPad, iPhone, and Mac are enigmas to most IT departments. While users love them, and they’ve proved Apple technology’s value as productivity tools, Apple appears to eschew IT’s traditional top-down management philosophy.

He observes that one obvious difference between Microsoft and Apple philosophies is who controls OS updates and patches – IT being in complete control of the process with Microsoft operating systems, including the ability to roll back updates that cause problems. By contrast, Apple puts users in the driver’s seat with updates, much to the chagrin of IT professionals.

Microsoft, Beckman says, promotes a particular enterprise “DNA” – centralized control – but Apple views enterprises “as libertarians see nations: as populations of individuals.” as one blogger put it.

Nevertheless, Beckman says conventional wisdom that Microsoft owns the enterprise is changing, if for no other reason than Apple’s popular personal products are invading IT, whether IT likes it or not.

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