Apple Losing The War Of Words – Embarrassingly

Former Apple exec. Jean-Louis Gasseé, writing in The Guardian, notes that Apple product advocacy gushiness is getting lamer and lamer to the point of embarassment, for example across the five Apple earnings statements, some form of the word “incredible” appears 7, 9, 9, 11 and 9 times.

“Tremendous”, in its various forms, appears 12 times.
Amazing: 8
Strong: 58
Thrilled: 13
Maniacally focused: 2

All told, “great” appears 70 times. A bit more than half being pathetic superlatives (“great products”, “great progress”, “we feel great about “), some are innocuous (“greater visibility”), but six were part of the phrase “Greater China,” with China mentioned 71 times, much more than any other country or region.

Mr. Gasseé calls this hyperbole and the abuse of language, noting that saying “incredible” too many times leads to incredulity. and saying “maniacally focused” at all is out of place and gauche in an earnings call.

“When words become empty, the listener loses faith in the speaker,” Gasseé says. “Apple has lost control of the narrative; the company has let others define its story. This is a war of words and Apple is proving to be inept at verbal warfare.”

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