Major MacBook Air Redesign Coming This Summer?

T-GAAP’s Karl Johnson notes that the Macbook Air was last updated on June 11, 2012,mso with prior history being that Apple has updated the MacBook Air every 912 months, maintaining the cycle would point to a March-June 2013 update window. With the MacBook Air is still a major product for Apple, Johnson expects them to follow the current update cycle.

He thinks one of the major new features obviously coming to the MacBook Air will be a Retina Display, reasoning that it’s unlikely Apple can just drop the high-resolution display into the current Air, which suggests a major redesign coming, with a Retina display is almost a given,

Your editor is not so sure. The 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro has evidently not been setting the world on fire sales-wise, with Apple dropping its price just three months after it’s initial release. It’s also hard to imagine how Apple can hold the Air’s price points. My inclination is to suspect that the next MacBook Air refresh will be an upgrade to Intel’s next-generation “Haswell” CPU family, with a Retina display and any major case redesign held off until fall 2013 or later.

Johnson notes that the mobile version of Haswell is likely to come out in June, anticipated to feature improved battery life and processor performance, and agreres that Apple is likely to wait for Haswell before launching an new MacBook Air, noting also that it will take time for Intel to test and Apple to build up these new machines making a June launch, with a July or early August release date is likely – a timeline that seems plausible.

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