Developers Give Apple An iCloud Ultimatum: “Fix it by June”

ZNet’s Jason D. O’Grady says that iCloud is one of Apple’s biggest liabilities right now, because it’s under a black cloud of bad publicity for being buggy and for breaking its promise with developers, who agree that iCloud needs to be rewritten from the ground up or replaced outright, or it will become an even greater credibility problem than it already is.

O’Grady observes that Apple did a great job marketing iCloud and generating user demand for the cloud-based syncing service, but fell short in delivering a reliable set of APIs that OS X and iOS developers can use in their apps. Consequently, he says, developers have given Apple an iCloud ultimatum: “Fix it by June,” which is when iOS 7 is expected to be previewed to developers at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and by then Apple needs to provide a comprehensive cloud-based sync solution that works, or risk the mass defection of developers that will either skip iCloud altogether or develop their own solution that works.

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