QUAN Aims to Solve iPad’s Limited Storage, Missing Ports Problems

Despite its many powerful features, the iPad has a serious problem: limited internal memory. As part of its mission to enter the $2.3 billion market for Apple iOS accessories, technology innovator Quantum International Corp. is working to make storing large numbers of movies, music and other data files on the iPad easier and more convenient than ever before.

Quantum is currently developing a new all-in-one protective iPad case designed to address each of the most common complaints consumers have about their tablets, including the device’s lack of additional storage. Instead of having to upload files to the iPad, Quantum plans to make it possible to simply place the iPad into a rugged, stylish case which will have a USB port designed to connect to any portable storage device.

Of course, external storage is only one of the many features Quantum has in the works for its new accessory. The gadget will also address the iPad’s missing ports, limited battery life, poor sound and overall fragility, turning a good device into a great one.

Today, more than 100 million people own and use iPads, and that market is expected to keep growing. Last week, news outlets reported that Apple’s next-generation iPad could go into production this summer. In a joint venture with A Plus Technologies, Quantum is hard at work building a working prototype of its revolutionary iPad accessory for testing.

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