QUAN to Offer Upgrade Alternative to 117 Million iPad Users

With Apple releasing a new iPad each year, older models of the revolutionary tablet are becoming obsolete at a ridiculous pace. Technology innovator Quantum International Corp. is working on a new solution that would allow more than 117 million iPad users worldwide to upgrade their devices without shelling out big money for a newer model.

Quantum is working on a protective iPad case capable of enhancing the popular tablets file storage capacity, battery life, connectivity and more, providing incredible new functionality for a fraction of the cost of a new iPad. Its the all-in-one accessory desired by every iPad owner on the planetincluding owners of forthcoming models.

In a joint venture with A Plus Technologies, Quantum is in the midst of taking its plans from the drawing board to the workshop by producing a working prototype of the powerful peripheral.

The company estimates that with an anticipated target price of $129 for its iPad case and a conservative estimate that just one in a hundred users decides to expand their new and existing iPads capabilities, the sales could provide a market potential of $150 million. A successful product launch could mean extreme, rapid growth for Quantum.

The company has already contacted manufacturers in China about initiating production of the breakthrough accessory as soon as a prototype can be produced that meets internal performance targets.

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