Give the Gift of Perfect Photos For Mother’s Day With Perfectly Clear Image Optimization App For iOS and Android

The Perfectly Clear image optimization app (available on iOS and Android for $2.99) is claimed to be like having instant Photoshop on your mobile phone. After your photo is taken, it automatically peels off your original photo to reveal a vibrant, color corrected photo with crisp details you couldn’t see in your original, with no effort required, and an ideal Mother’s Day gift for iDevice-toting moms.

The secret is in the Perfectly Clear’s patent technology, that takes your photos and alters them pixel by pixel, giving you an optimized image. Perectly Clear provides you the ability to fine tune the automatic corrections with intuitive, easy to use sliders.

Key features that any mom would love:

• Beautification: With one click, mom will look 10 years younger. The app renders the image to make the skin look soft and smooth with an added benefit of teeth whitening

• Timesaving presets: Set it and forget it! Every time mom takes a photo, her favorite settings are stored, so in seconds she has a perfect image to share with family and friends

• Sharing: Your professional-like photo can be sent to all your social networks, so mom can brag about how fabulous she looks

Authentech have have completely redesigned the Perfectly Clear user interface with new presets, easy to use sliders and the same great before/after preview slider. They have also added “Beautify” face beautification tools and “Noise Removal” features, and the latest version is universal so it will work on your iPhone and your iPad.

Highlights of Perfectly Clear for iPhone & iPad

By applying over 10 patented corrections and 10 years of scientific research, Perfectly Clear will automatically deliver you a beautiful photo.

Proven Results – Perfectly Clear is powering the automatic corrections of over 105,000 photo kiosks, 2,500 printers, countless online sites and labs producing over 20 Million beautiful photos a day. You’ve likely experienced Perfectly Clear if you’ve ever printed at Walgreens, Black’s, Tesco, photobox, photoworks, or Olympus. (

Recognized worldwide – Perfectly Clear technology is currently in over 6 Million iPhones worldwide and was awarded the Vision Award for innovation and also the Hot Picks award for the value it adds to photographers.

Perfectly Clear sells for $2.99 on the App Store.

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