MacBook Pro Graphics Preliminary Face-off: HD4000 vs HD5200

T-GAAP’s Karl Johnson notes thathe current MacBook Pro 15-inch comes with two graphics processors or GPUs. The HD4000 is integrated into the Intel chip and the Nvidia GeForce GT650M is a discrete graphics card with 1GB of memory. The MacBook Pro 13-inch comes with just the HD4000. While the Nvidia card is much faster than the HD4000, it uses more battery power, but Johnson says that all may change this summer when Intel release their new mobile Haswell processor lineup.

Johnson observes the the Haswell line of processors are supposedly faster and use less power, and Intel will also be using the HD5000 series graphics processors in these chips, and that it looks as though Intel will be able to catch up to Nvidia and AMD in graphics performance in the next couple of years.

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