Adobe Photoshop Cost Comparison CS vs CC

T-GAAP’s Karl Johnson notes that during the past decade, users of Adobe Photoshop and other Creative Suite software have been stretching out traditional upgrade cycles, choosing to forego buying every single update, asinces the cost was difficult to justify, and new features often not that compelling.

Many users would upgrade only when a major OS or hardware change forced them to do so, leading Adobe starting with Creative Suite 6 to only allow upgrading from one version back instead of three or four, and multiplying the cost for many.

Thwn this month Adobe announced the end of the Creative Suite with a new version of Creative Cloud – a subscription service where the users rent the software for a monthly fee, which will cost most Adobe users much more than they has been spending on CS apps.

Johnson has posted a graph illustrating the cost comparison of various Photoshop delivery/purchase modes over a 15 year period, noting that current Photoshop users willstart paying more within the first year. For users who don’t already have Photoshop, Creative Cloud becomes more expensive after six years, and after those six years the software is still not owned by the user and goes away if the user does not pay

Johnson suggests that with this move, Adobe has opened the door for competition with the Creative Cloud, since many CS users are upset.

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