256GB Microsoft Surface Pro Surfaces In Japan Complete With Office 2013 And New Touch Covers

The Verge’s Tom Warren reports that a new Microsoft Surface Pro variant has arrived in Japan, in the heels of a previously launched region-specific Surface Pro in China, complete with a full copy of Office 2013. The Japanese model includes 256GB of memory, Windows 8 Pro and Office 2013, and will be available on June 7 – the first time Microsoft has increased the storage on Surface Pro from its 64GB and 128GB versions.

Warren says Microsoft’s increase in Surface Pro storage in Japan follows controversy over its nominally 64GB capacity tablet PC only having 29GB of real-world addressable storage thanks to the porkiness of Windows 8 and bundled applications. Some Japanese Surface Pro customers will also be getting exclusive Touch Covers with Microsoft holding a contest to give away 100 Touch Covers with designs by brands like Beams, and Rodeo Crowns.

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