Mature Consumers Know When They Need a PC

Tech.Pinions’ Ben Bajarin sensibly observes that one of the fundamental characteristics of a mature market is mature consumers – mature in the sense that they know what they want and more importantly they know why they want it, and that this kind of maturity can only come with a defined sense of needs, wants, and desires, and that owning multiple generations of a product or category is required experience in order to fully understand not just what you want. but why you want it.

He notes tha for example many consumers know by now whether they value a traditional PC like a desktop or notebook and they know why, know they need a PC, and have a sense of what they want.

However, he contends that with smartphones and tablets, he doesn’t believe we have fully mature customers, and that while for many, the tablet can and will become a primary computing device, tht recognizing that the tablet will not replace the PC is a key understanding, and he doubts that the presence of need for more powerful computing will cease to exist in most consumers’ homes in some way or another, and that for those who need a PC, and know it, value has shifted from processing power to battery life, Apple’s new WWDC MacBook Airs running Intel’s 4th generation core processor being a case in point.

He observes that traditionally when a company releases a new PC, they proudly announce how much processing power it has, but at WWDC last week when Apple discussed the MacBook Air, the crowd went wild when they heard the new metrics for battery life.

As a matter of fact, the new processors used in the latest Airs have substantially lower clock speeds than the foregoing models.

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