Battery Life New MacBook Airs’ Killer Feature

TIME Techland’s Technologizer Harry McCracken says what he’s craved most in laptops is the sort of battery life that would let him go out for the day and work as much as he pleased, without ever having to hunt for a wall outlet, which is one reason why he’s lately taken to using his iPad, with its reliable 10 hours on a charge, more than any Mac or Windows PC.

However, with Apple’s new Haswell-powered MacBook Airs, that sort of battery life and even better is available in a clamshell laptop form factor.

“Haswell is a big, big deal, and its the major reason why Apples newest MacBook Airs are a big deal,” says McCracken, who observes that normally, battery performance is something you discuss briefly and dutifully towards the end of a notebook review, but with the new MacBook Airs it’s the logical place to start.

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