A Week With OS X Mavericks – Bajarin

Tech.Pinions’ Ben Bajarin says he’s been using a Mavericks development build for a week, and that it provides the hands down best web surfing experience on a Mac yet, with the new Safari noticeably faster, and scrolling now super smooth and more like scrolling on an iPad or iPhone — needing to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

He also notes that Apple lists several new features to Mavericks which touted as advanced features such as like app nap, timer coalescing, compressed memory, and more, designed to optimize the performance of your Mac, and that these optimizations lead to speedy and more responsive experiences with things like apps, the web, etc., and also battery life gains.

Perhaps more importantly, Bajarin says OS X Mavericks represents Apple’s commitment to innovate uniquely for different form factorsdrawing a a line in the proverbial sand and stating with their actions that they believe software for the PC is different and should be treated different than software for tablets and smartphones.

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