“Liberating” MacBook Air Ushers In The Era of All-Day Computing

PC Mag’s Tim Bajarin notes that Apple’s new MacBook Air boasts a 12-hour battery life, thereby redefining the concept of all-day computing. However partly facilitating that better-than-most-tablets runtime between charges is the fact that contrary to many predictions and expectations, the latest MacBook Air revision did not get upgraded to a high-resolution Retina display.

Bajarin says that while he loves using units with ultra high resolution displays, the battery life improvements he’s enjoying with the MacBook Air are so important to him as a highly mobile computer user that the compromise is well worth living with for him.

The Liberating 2013 MacBook Air

Tech.Pinions’ Ben Bajarin notes that a few years back he declared the 13-inch MacBook Air the perfect notebook, and with the recently released 2013 refresh, Apple just made the perfect notebook even better – with one feature that has taken notebook computers to a new level: true all-day battery life.

Compared to Bajarin’s old MacBook Air that he got two years ago, he’s getting better than double the battery life.

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