GoGo Pillow iPad Support, Backpack, And Travel Pillow

I’m a big fan of pillow-type iPad supports, and my iPad spends most of its time on one. A new variation on this simple but effective concept is the GoGo Pillow which works on pretty much any surface and fits most tablets. The GoGo Pillow’s patented multi-slot design holds your tablet securely in place hands-free, and also unzips and flips to convert into a backpack or an actual travel pillow so you can catch up on your sleep when you’re not using your tablet.

Because the GoGo Pillow it doesn’t need a flat surface, Pismo be stable wherever it’s placed. The attached straps mean you can use it as a backpack to take your tablet with you, and even fix it to places like the back of a headrest to create a comfortable viewing experience on the move.

The GoGo Pillow is available in six colors and for a limited time only, is available as a buy one, get one free offer.

Get 1 GoGo Pillow in the color of your choice for $19.95 + $9.95 postage and handlling, and they’ll throw in nother GoGo Pillow of the selected color for free (plus an additional $9.95 P&H)

For more information, visit:

Or phone: 877-378-4292

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