Windows 8 Tablets ‘Haven’t Reached Quality Of iPads,’ – Air France CIO

Computing’s Danny Palmer reports that according to Jean-Christophe Lalanne, CIO of Air France and group CIO of Air France-KLM, Microsoft tablet devices such as Surface Pro have potential and could be useful for enterprise in future, but for now, the iPad is still a better device.

M. Lalanne made the comment during an interview with Computing at the 2013 Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels, noting that “I think that for the staff – not for the pilots, not for the cabin crew – but for the rest of the users, we should absolutely study the use of Windows 8 tablets.”

However, says Palmer, Lalanne still considers Apple’s iPad to be the superior tablet when compared with Microsoft’s Windows 8 devices.
That contention was contradicted by easyJet CIO Trever Didcock, who told Computing that devices like Surface Pro are the way forward, and that his preference would be to standardise on a Windows 8 device rather than an iPad.

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