Real Reason for the MacBook Pro Delay Is Thunderbolt 2?

TekRevue’s Jim Tanous says that when WWDC 2013 came and went without an update to the MacBook Pro line, many wondered what Apple was waiting for. A radical redesign, just a year after the introduction of the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and the 13-inch model having debuted in October, 2012, seemed unlikely, and rumors of the discontinuation of the non-Retina models wouldn’t logically explain a delay in updating the remaining members of the family.

Tanous notes that some have speculated that Apple is waiting for a custom CPU from Intel designed specifically for the MacBook Pro, and based on Haswell’s dual- and quad-core configurations but that would leverage a unique supercharged integrated GPU, and says that while it’s certainly plausible that this report is accurate, he proposes another answer to the MacBook Pro refresh mystery: Thunderbolt 2 – an upcoming evolution of the original Thunderbolt specification, projected the offer bandwidth up to 20Gbps (compared to 10Gbps for the current Thunderbolt specification) and the ability to simultaneously utilize 4K displays and storage arrays.

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