Nexus 7 Offers iPad mini LIke User Experience At A Budget Price – CP Reviewer

The Canadian Press’s Michael Oliveira says Google has with the recently refreshed Nexus 7 not only released a tablet computer that’s just about as good as the market leading iPad mini sells at a far cheaper price, albeit a a little more expensive than the original Nexus 7 version.

Oliviera praises the the Nexus 7’s seven-inch display panel with its super sharp 323 pixels per inch resolution – better than the standard Apple set with its Retina Display technology (which thye iPad mini doesn’t yet feature).

The cheapest 16-gigabyte Nexus 7 sells for Can$229 through the Google Play online store compared to the iPad mini at Can$349, and outshines the mini in hardware specs. as well, including its quad-core CPU power and two gigabytes of RAM.

On the downside, Oliviera says the Nexus 7’s cameras – a 1.2-megapixel camera for video conferencing and a five-megapixel rear-facing camera are mediocre and adequate at best. Nominal battery life is claimed to be roughly equivalent to the mini 10 hours before draining the battery.

On the balance, however, Oliviera says the Nexus 7 offers great bang for your buck, with a few compromises made in exchange for a cut-rate price, noting that there have been some early reports of bugs in the first units of the new Nexus 7 to be delivered, including issues with the GPS shutting itself off for some users, with Google having already released a software update to address the problems, and concluding that overall the new Nexus 7 is a no-brainer for consumers seeking an iPad-like experience on a constrained budget.

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