Will Intel’s ‘Bay Trail’ Atom Chip Blur The Distinction Between PCs And Tablets?

PC World’s Mark Hachman notes that just five years ago three basic categories: desktops, notebooks, and tablets covered the personal computer device spectrum, but observes that now consumers are obliged to choose among all-in-ones, two-in-ones, convertibles, mini-tablets, ultraportables, and phablets. And he says that with Intels new Bay Trail Atom chip, due this fall, you can expect the market to diversify even more.

And, Hachman adds, “thats a beautiful thing.”

He notes that Intel’s new Bay Trail Atom CPU supports both Windows and Android, opening the door for hardware manufacturers to be able to build machines that boot into either OSor both, and enabling system prices to drop as low as $150, or so Intel executives have claimed.

Hachman suggests that Bay Trail represents an opportunity to offer consumers the tablet form factor they overwhelmingly prefer plus expand market share through a new tier of low-cost devices.

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