OS X: About Network Utility

A new Apple Knowledge Base article explains how to use Network Utility, an app included with OS X that helps you troubleshoot networking-related issues.

You can view the following information for each network connection from the Info tab:
• hardware address of the interface
• the current IP addresses assigned to the interface
• hardware speed and status (active or inactive)
• the name of the interface manufacturer and model (such as for an add-on PCI card in a Mac Pro or a connected USB to Ethernet adapter)
• a count of data packets sent and received over the interface
• a count of transmission errors and collisions on a connection

Network Utility also provides graphic user interface (GUI) methods for common command-line diagnostic tools, including:

To learn more about each of these tools and their uses, open Network Utility and select Network Utility Help from the Help menu.

You can use this information, together with network information provided by the Network pane of System preferences, to investigate your network connection.

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