iPhone 5c Selling Poorly, Apple Cuts More Than Half Capacity

CTECH, a Chinese language tech blog says(a tip of the hat to Google Translate) that due to its high price, the iPhone 5c is not selling well, and they cite insiders in Apple’s ODM network informing them that Apple’s internal sales for iPhone5c are not cause for too much hope. So because the actual dismal sales, Apple has begun to reduce iPhone5c capacity, average daily production to be cut in half from 300,000 to 150,000.

iPhone5c had previously been considered by Apple for cultivating sales in developing countries, especially China and India, but with an actual sales price only slightly less than for the iPhone5s almost the same, before iPhone5S, then iPhone5, as plastic body iPhone5C no particular highlights , it is difficult to attract users also natural.

They also note that iPhone5c poor sales have not been a bad thing for the consumer, since gray channel prices have dropped significantly over time.

As iPhone 5c Grey Market Prices Fall 30% In China, Apple Cuts Its Production In Half

Unwired View blogger Stasys Bielinis says when Apple announced the official price for iPhone 5c- $549 off-contract- it was a huge disappointment. It simply didn’t fit with the narrative that had developed over the summer, that Apple is working on a cheap(ish) iPhone for China and other emerging/off-contract markets to boost its market share and unit sales volumes, but there was no way $549 phone will be able to do that.

And while Apple fan blogs were full of the reasons of why iPhone 5c is a great idea, it wasnt, at least for China, where iPhone 5c now looks as dumb an idea as it did at first glance. And while there are no official numbers yet, the data trickling in from Chinese grey market is not good.

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