Outline+ Powerful Note-taking App For iPad (Supports MS OneNote)

Outline+, a note-taking app for iPad, has been significantly updated.

Features include:
– Attractive and intuitive UI.
– Hierarchical structure resembling paper notebook (notebooks> sections/tabs> pages).
– Rich text formatting functionality with built-in styles
– Various backup and sync options (iTunes, Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive).
– Powerful handwriting and drawing tools
– Free placement of notes. Like you can write anywhere in a paper notebook.
– Support of password protected sections

Outline started as a reader of OneNote files on iPad in 2011 and currently it is a general note-taking application with powerful editing functionality. Outline is compatible with MS OneNote, follows its hierarchy and preserves its formatting.

Outline also supports two-way synchronization via Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive and manual transfer via iTunes.

Outline (without ‘+’) the free version of the app, has been downloaded by more than 500.000 people from about 100 countries. Outline can be used independently from OneNote providing its entire productivity on iPads.

Type anywhere in a page
-When you are outlining your project, a new book or class notes, you want to type just in any place as your ideas grow and populate the canvas. Typing with Outline is as natural as writing on paper. Organize your ideas as text blocks, resize and move them around to build the best map of your mind.

Rich text editor with built-in styles
– Format and visualize your thoughts and information. All OneNote styles are supported, as well as text color, highlighting and size and different paragraph types.

Rich text editor of OneNote files for iPad
-Touch-optimized interface
-No tools nor special edit modes: only old good paper is simpler.
– To open keyboard and start editing, just long tap on a page you are reading, and a new note container will appear

Just write on it
– Mark what’s important to you. The highlighter is transparent and it magically transforms your text as you draw over it!
-One tool, many widths
-Choose from hairline to bold marker either for highlighter or pen.

– Got it wrong? No problem. This versatile eraser can remove any inks from your notes.
-Sync to OneNote
-Anything you created in OneNote will be synced to Outline+ on iPad.
Draw and write
– Annotate, add notes, jot your ideas and sketch with our ballpoint pen or marker. Inks never end!

-The best vivid colors for pen and highlighter.

Access Your Notes Anywhere You Need Them
– All your notes are available to you offline.

Your notes in your place
-Whether you are driving, travelling, in a plane or at work, Outline allows you to quickly jot your notes using nice and responsive text editor. Write your notes anytime and anywhere.
-All notes are available to you offline, no connection is required to view or add notes. Your notes will be synced with OneNote once you are connected.

Find your notes quickly.
-Search everywhere: in text, in images, and even in handwriting.
-Quickly access the pages you viewed recently, even from different notebooks.
-Add pages you use most often to Favorites.

Designed for Your iPad
-Outline utilizes the best of iPad, with no compromise in excellence.

Fast and beautiful.
– Performance was one of primarily goals when building this app. With the release of v2 the developers were able to improve the app that already was very fast. Now it works 50% faster on operations like opening a page.
– Large pages are not a problem. Outline will show you every page when you need it.

Outline is natively integrated in your iPad. It becomes a default app for OneNote files and you can open your notebooks from Mail, safari, or any other iOS app. Simply tap a .one, .zip or .onepkg file or attachment and choose Open in Outline

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