It Doesn’t Matter if iWork is Inferior to MS Office: iWork Still Wins

The Mac Observer’s John Martellaro concedes that Microsoft’s Office suite is better and more capable than Apple’s iWork productivity suite, but that won’t matter.

The future is tablets, and the meme of the tablet is simplicity. Therefore, there is a fundamental conflict between complex productivity apps and the design principles of a tablet, and that Microsoft is fighting a losing battle in hope of preserving Windows and Office as cash cows, ergo: designing the Surface to be a tablet that runs that software as well as possible, but the weakness in that strategy is that a productivity suite on a modern tablet is designed to be lightweight, and Martello believes history will show that MS Office is tied to a dying platform. PCs will be the rare case of the truck, in Steve Jobs’s analogy, as opposed to the mass market car.
The only people who will be buying MS Office will be businesses who are spending someone else’s money.

In time, quantity will overcome quality. Non-expert users by the hundreds of millions will find a way to get their works done with their favorite tablet as PCs become more and more rare, so the argument that you can’t get any real work done on an iPad and iWork wins now but fails over the long run.

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