hopTo App For iOS Brings Free Personal Cloud Computing To The iPad

GraphOn Corporation subsidiary hopTo Inc’s eponymous hopTo app adds another layer of productivity to the iPad. Free hopto is a powerful mobile workspace that allows users to manage, edit, access, find, and share files and documents via Cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. In Word documents, track changes, create tables, insert images, and so forth, and in Excel, format cells, edit and update formulas, merge and edit cells, save changes, and share with a co-worker via email.

hopTo incorporates a powerful tab-based multitasking user interface concept, an aggregated search feature that includes documents gathered from the user’s PC and from Cloud storage services, and many other features. Download photos to your iPad and search the web for images and insert them into documents – another step toward full productivity support on the the iPad.

hopto Features:

  • Get your own “Personal Cloud” without having to pay service fees
  • Personal file accessibility anywhere comes to the iPad
  • Manage/share personal and business files in one place
  • Single location view of business and personal files in Cloud storage
  • Save files in Cloud storage
  • Create and edit Word/Excel documents and files
  • View PowerPoint files that are saved in Cloud storage
  • Establish favorites for quick access
  • Access PC files from your iPad
  • Insert images into documents from Google searches
  • Download image files to camera roll
  • Email and share files
  • Easy to use multi-tasking interface
  • Data privacy & security

hopTo is available as a free download from the Apple App Store at: http://appstore.com/hopto. Once the app is installed, users will be automatically enrolled onto an account activation process.

hopTo is currently compatible with the iPad (2nd Generation and later) and the iPad mini (1st Generation), with plans to release iPhone and Android support in the future. To learn more about hopTo, visit:

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