Android Handsets Outsell iPhones, But Apple Gets More Profit Than All Competitors Combined

The Register’s Rik Myslewski notes that Apple rakes in more profits from its iPhones than do all Android phonemakers combined, despite the fact that Android phones command an 81 percent market share to iPhone’s 12.1 percent according to IDC metrics.

However, another report from Canaccord Genuity reveals that despite Android’s overwhelming market-share lead, Apple’s operating margin of 33 percent enabled it to haul in 56 percent of all handset profit. Ergo: market share does not equal profit share, with a sizable proportion of those Android phones being cheapo devices with razor-thin profit margins, and IDC noting that average selling price for Android phones is steadily sinking, down 12.5 percent in Q3/13 alone to an average of $317.

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