iOS Devices Favored over Android by Private Jet Flyers Accessing Paramount Business Jets Website

An increasing number of professionals on the go rely on their mobile devices, tablets and smartphones as necessary and vital tools to conduct business. Recognizing this trend, renowned air charter industry innovator Paramount Business Jets revised its website last year to better accommodate use on these devices – and, in the time since, the company has noticed some interesting developments.

“We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of people accessing from mobile devices,” says PBJ Technology Advisor Neeraj Kamdar. “Today, mobile devices consistently generate between 30 and 35 percent of our total page hits for a given week.”

Another fascinating aspect involves the types of mobile devices used by customers. Internal analytics show that, of all mobile devices accessing, 76% are running Apple’s operating system, with a nearly equal number of iPhones and iPads comprising that total.

“Those percentages are notable as a recent study published by TIME Magazine indicates the smartphone and tablet markets are essentially split evenly between Apple, and devices running an Android OS,” Kamdar observes. “If anything, Android may even hold the advantage in sheer numbers, given the variety of devices available. And, yet, it’s evident that a greater percentage of potential customers, as well as our existing client base, are using a device running the Apple iOS.”

Mr. Kamdar also noted that Apple users are also twice as likely as Android users to submit a travel quote request on the PBJ website. In recognition of these emerging trends, changes made last year to ensure that mobile device users experience the same easy-to-use and informative format as those accessing the website with a personal computer.

“The Paramount Business Jets site is responsive – it detects the kind of device being used, and automatically adjusts the experience to match the capabilities of the tablet or smartphone without compromising usability,” Kamdar says. “This allows PBJ to offer greater functionality to more clients than websites that are not optimized for use by mobile devices, or have separate “mobile” versions with fewer features and less capability.”

In its continuing strive to be technologically savvy, PBJ has also developed its own online worldwide private jet charter quoting system, time and distance calculator, airport proximity tools, and an airport finder extension for Google Chrome. Paramount Business Jets is also developing additional tools to improve their client user experience online, as well as native apps for various mobile platforms to further enhance their growing mobile presence.

Paramount Business Jets researches over 1,000 trips per month for its clients, including one-way and transient flight specials, and potential savings on empty legs. PBJ offers charters worldwide with as little as 4 hours notice and access to over 15,000 certified aircraft worldwide, ranging from turboprops, helicopters, and very-light jets, up to the largest and most luxurious Boeing, Airbus, and Global Express intercontinental aircraft.

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