Could You Use Your iPad All The Time, Everywhere, Instead Of A Mac?

Mac360’s Jack D. Miller observes that if Apple’s latest tranche of iPad TV commercials is to be believed, we Mac users are using dinosaur device, and the future of everything and anything is iPad. The “Poetry” spots featuring the voice of actor and comedian Robin Williams from the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ imply that the iPad can be used for almost anything.

So has the iPad Air really set the stage for we Mac users to say goodbye to our beloved device? Miller thinks so, but not yet, noting that roughly 80-percent of all he does on a Mac, the iPad Air can do already, in some cases easier, in other cases with a change in workflow.

However the Mac still excels in major productivity apps that don’t have iPad counterparts, which indicates to him that the Mac isn’t going away anytime soon, what with its creen size, CPU horsepower, graphics capability, storage, and the many apps with no iPad counterpart, and Pads unlikely to compete on screen size, CPU horsepower, and storage for years to come.

Miller has tried to use the iPad exclusively for a week, but says that to get through the week he’s had to adjust his daily workflow, and, in general, think about his work more than h would while using a Mac. He concludes that he loves the Mac so much he suspects it may have to be pried from his cold dead fingers on judgement day, but it’s just as likely that the other hand has a tight grip on an iPad.

Many of us are in a similar quandary, oscillating between the two platforms.

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