Ultra-Portable PCs Top 12% Of Notebook Market In 2013 – ABI Research

Digitimes’ Alex Wolfgram, citing market intelligence firm ABI Research metrics, reports that an estimated 12.3% (22.5 million) of the notebook computers shipped in in 2013 (182.7 million) were ultra-portable machines, with on-year growth of ultra-portables having reached 100% from 2012 to 2013. A rare positive note in an otherwise bleak PC market outlook.

Wolfgram cites ABI senior practice director Jeff Orr observing that: “Across 24 countries tracked in November 2013, we found average ultra-portable PC selling prices ranging from US$940-US$1540 with the majority of models offered above US$1200 in each country. The ASPs suggest ultra-portables, including convertible and detachable 2-in-1 configurations, remained at the high-end of the notebook category exiting 2013.”

However, Orr projects that by 2015, North America will relinquish the regional lead for ultra-portable sales, as Asia-Pacific pushes forward due to market saturation in the early adopter countries.

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