Apple (And Microsoft) Have More Cash Than Many Countries

According to The Telegraph’s Sophie Murray-Morris, Apple and Microsoft have larger cash holdings in reserve than many of the world’s sovereign nations, according to metrics calculated by the Bank of America’s wealth-management branch, US Trust. For example, Apple which has the largest corporate cash reserves, with approximately 159 billion U.S. dollars (£95 bn), not only have more cash than what’s held by Malaysia, Turkey or Poland, but also three times as much cash on hand as the US government, and over twice as much as the UK. Microsoft with $83.7 billion (£50bn) has the second largest corporate cash reserve among companies, also a better cash position than both the US and the UK, and the cumulative cash reserves of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Verizon Communications and Pfizer stood at $403.3 billion (£241bn) at the end of 2013.

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