Updated MacBook Airs Today?

According to 9To5Mac’s Mark Gurman, Apple may be fixing to release a minor MacBook Air refresh as early as today essentially a modest speed bump in the base models from 1.3 GHz to 1.4 GHz clock speeds for their Haswell family CPUs, with Turbo Boost boosted from 2.6 Ghz to 2.7 GHz, and not much else, for now, although Retina displays for the Airs are rumored to be coming later this year.

Gurman says various sources are telling him that stocks of the mildly updated laptops have been arriving at Apple stores and third-party resellers this month and could be good to go today. Apple’s traditional product upgrade release day is Tuesday in a given week, although they sometimes deviate from that. However, with a change this modest, Apple will likely make it a “stealth” update, not even rating an official announcement.

Ah well, I had four months during which my new 13-inch MacBook Air — purchased last November on Black Friday — being the current spec. Seriously, I really like my MacBook Air, and find it more than adequately peppy.

If a Retina display Air really is in the works for 2014, it will be odd for Apple to have two spec. changes on the same model within six months or less of each other.

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