Non Retina MacBook Pro To Get A Redesign And Broadwell CPUs?

Obituaries have been written for years for the 2008 aluminum unibody form factor MacBook Pro, but now six years in production, the 13-inch non Retina display Pro carries on as Apple’s lone surviving laprop with a hard disk drive and internal optical drive, recently getting a $100 price cut to $1,099.

And if a report from the U.K. based Christian Today news site is accurate, Apple is planning to upgrade the old-school 13-inch Pro with a redesign and 14-nanometer Intel Broadwell CPU silicon when the latter becomes available, the release date reportly postponed until later this year due to the delay on the release of Broadwell chips from Intel.

The article reports that the MacBook Pro 2014 is reportedly set to pack the Intel Broadwell chips, a fanless design and a new trackpad.

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