B-Eng Announces Update For SSD Speeder For Mac App

B-Eng has announced immediate availability of SSD Speeder, an updated version of their app for Mac. SSD Speeder allows anyone to create a RAM disk with the push of a button, resulting in a massive speed up for Safari and a longer life time expectancy for SSD. The update is considered a minor update and addresses mainly visual aspects of the app as well as stability improvements under specific circumstances.

“We had one user with stability issues under very specific circumstances. While fixing this specific issue we decided to include this update to the download that is available on our homepage. We don’t expect to see the app again being used under the same specific circumstances that were reported to us, but it doesn’t hurt to include this change to the public version. We planned an update anyway, and we found that it is a good chance to address some visual aspects that we planned to introduce soon anyway. It just happens now earlier than we originally planned.” explains Christian Schaffner the reason behind the early update of SSD Speeder.

SSD Speeder is $19.99 (USD). The update is free for existing users and can be downloaded using the same link as when the app was purchased.

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