Macworld 2008: Live Coverage of Keynote
'Live from the City By the Bay: It's Apple's "Super Tuesday" '

by Joe Leo, Columnist

BREAKING NEWS: 1.15.08-- You are viewing's LIVE real-time coverage of Apple, Inc. CEO Steve Jobs keynote address from Macworld 2008 at Moscone Center West, here in San Francisco, California. (This page will automatically refresh itself every two minutes during the LIVE coverage, but will be deactivated at keynote's end).

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10:35a PST-- End of LIVE Keynote Coverage from Macworld 2008
We're going to sign off for now. Thanks for joining us for's "Live from the City By the Bay: It's Apple's 'Super Tuesday' "... and what a super Tuesday it was. (MacBook Air... unbelievable. Some people are getting better at guessing Apple's game!).

Any breaking news outside of Keynote, we'll post later, as needed. (We're going to go look at that MacBook Air now... though nothing beats the 12-inch PowerBook G4).

10:32a PST-- Final Thoughts From Steve Jobs
Jobs said this earlier (than the timestamp), about how all these innovations were released by Apple in "just the first two weeks of 2008." His bigger point? There are 50 weeks left to go (time for Apple to do that and much much more). Also, Randy Newman is the guest artist Jobs chose today, to bridge the gap between movies and music. (Very fitting).

10:30a PST-- Mac Pro Gets a Small Mention
In a somewhat, "And One More Thing..." announcement, Steve Jobs mentions the Mac Pro update which was released last week.

10:29a PST-- Jobs Recaps Today's Announcements
Time Capsule is companion device (looks like Airport Extreme) to Leopard's "Time Machine" backup feature. Now we know what it is.

10:25a PST-- Thinnest Notebook in the World Ships in 2 Weeks, Retails $1799
Pre-order online today. (And be eco-friendly/savvy too... Steve Jobs is currently showcasing the MacBook Air's environmental friendliness)

10:22a PST-- External Optical Drive for $99, or? Remote Disc
Remote Disc allows the MacBook Air to borrow any other computer's optical drive and access the installation discs inside. (First, they got rid of the floppy disk drive and favored optical disc drives. Today? The optical disc and drive is dead).

10:20a PST-- More MacBook Air Features
No optical drive. 802.11n wireless is standard. USB 2.0 and Micro DVI connector with a Pismo-like cover over the ports. "We don't think most people will use optical drives." says Jobs. It was built to be a wireless machine. Plus, new feature called "Remote Disc."

10:18a PST-- Thank You, Intel!
Partnership with Intel is showing through. Steve Jobs wanted Intel's chip in the MacBook Air, but in order for it to fit, it needed to be smaller than what Intel originally designed. End product? A chip 60% smaller than the original.

10:14a PST-- Features of the New 'MacBook Air'
13.3-inch widescreen LCD, backlit keyboard, and...? A multi-touch gesture trackpad, similar to that of the iPhone and iPod touch, when viewing photos. Using 1.8-inch hard drives. (I think I said that in a previous story!! Not sure). SSD available as an option. 1.6GHz standard Intel Core 2 Duo with option for 1.8GHz.

10:09a PST-- Rumor Confirmed: New Sub-notebook is 'MacBook Air'
Also, apparently, there were more than three things on his list. Apologies! Currently, Jobs is previewing features of the MacBook Air. It's as thin as a piece of paper. Well, almost. (Columnist's opinion: thankfully, I didn't sell my 12-inch PowerBook G4)

10:07a PST-- #4- There's Something in the Air
"Today, we're announcing a third kind of notebook... it's called the 'MacBook Air.' What is it? In a sentence, it's the world's thinnest notebook." Verbatim from Jobs.

10:02a PST-- 20th Century Fox Chairman Invited Up Onstage
While the chairman speaks, we left out what Jobs said earlier about the iTunes Movie Rental store. New releases will be available there 30 days after the DVD release. Coincidentally, as this is being typed (10:06a), the chairman is talking about DVDs and how some people still like the old style way of viewing things. But? He says that forthcoming (?) DVDs will contain digital downloads--copies--for free.

10:01a PST-- AppleTV Price Lowered to $229, Ships in Two Weeks
Headline self explanatory, enough said.

10:00a PST-- Everything Free to Date (as Software Downloads)
Seems Jobs is have a post-Christmas party and giving everything free in terms of updates to hardware in the software arena.

9:58a PST-- Flickr, uh, Flickers Out During Jobs's Demo
Photo feature of AppleTV gets a demo through Flickr, but, flickers out. A Microsoft moment in the making. (Rather, already made, twice over).

9:54a PST-- Jobs Continuing to Showcase the new AppleTV
Part of the new features in the new AppleTV is a redesigned software interface. (There has to be something bigger waiting in the wings. There has to be...)

Just wanted to say hi to all my students who are back at school checking out this page right now. I think. Hi Abbie, Christian, Danny, Lily, Vanessa, Kathy. Who else? Juliet, Rena, Marlene. Oh yeah. Ryan, Logan, and Chad.

9:47a PST-- Update on What's Been Revealed So Far
There were three things Steve Jobs wanted to talk about first today. First was the "Time Capsule" thing that we missed. (It was just wrapping up when we walked in). Second was the iPhone/iPod touch/iTunes Movie Rentals. Third is the currently being talked about, new AppleTV.

9:45a PST-- AppleTV: Take Two
You don't need no stinkin' computer to watch movies on your widescreen TV when using the new AppleTV. Plus, remember, you can watch in HD!

9:43a PST-- Something in the Air...?
Jobs says something wrong with AppleTV and everyone else who tried, failed too. Tivo, Microsoft, etc. (Apparently, no. Jumped the gun there). HD movies included along with regular DVD-quality videos.

9:39a PST-- Over 1000 Movies, Watch Anywhere, Instantly
30 days to start the viewing, but from there, only 24 hours left to finish viewing. $2.99 for "library" (old?) title, and new release, $3.99. Rolls out starting today in the U.S., later this year for International distribution.

9:38a PST-- Every Major Studio Has Signed On
20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros., (again, didn't catch the rest)

9:37a PST-- Confirmed: iTunes Movie Rentals
"Never offered a rental [model] because people want to own their music." Jobs says (somewhat, sorry!).

9:35a PST-- iTunes Sells its 4 Billionth Song
Self-explanatory. Enough said.

9:34a PST-- iPod Touch Gains Five New Apps
Mail, Stocks, Notes, and Weather; Maps with Wi-Fi; (didn't catch the other three)

9:33a PST-- New iPhone Features Available Today
All the new features free for iPhone users via software download.

9:31a PST-- Google and Skyhook Wireless
Jobs talking about new company called Skyhook Wireless that is apparently behind the non-GPS (?) ability to triangulate locations on the iPhone for things such as maps.

9:28a PST-- Jobs Speaking of New Features to Come on iPhone
Number one on Jobs's "to do" list was something called "Time Capsule." Jobs is currently speaking about new features being added to iPhone. (Bear with us)

9:00a PST-- Scheduled Start of Keynote Coverage
9:23a... Sorry folks! Lots of people this year meant we were in the group that got swept into the overflow room. FOUR hours of waiting in line. Well, 3.5 really. Let's get on with the coverage, shall we? Phew!!

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