CNBC's On the Money: 'It is an iPod/Mac Christmas'
Holiday Shoppers Helping Fuel Apple's Already-High Sales

by Joe Leo, Columnist November 30, 2006

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On Tuesday, another business-oriented news organization,, reported that of the estimated 916,000 shoppers who visited Apple Stores across the nation on "Black Friday," 8 out of 100 visitors bought something that day. In the store they focused on--Apple's flagship "24/365" Fifth Avenue store in New York--2 of the 3 customers they observed walked out with iPods.

The iPod purchases were gifts, while the customer who bypassed the iPod grabbed the MacBook, purchasing two as gifts and the other for themself.

This news on the surge of Mac sales comes the same day as a published report that notebook computers are replacing the use of standard desktop computers. According to the study, of the households with Apple computers, 52% have notebooks/laptops as the primary computer-of-choice.

The information--when tied in with the report from CNBC's "On the Money"--suggests that the likely candidate for a holiday purchase this year, other than the iPod, will be the MacBook or MacBook Pro from Apple's portable line of computers (as opposed to the iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro from their desktop line of computers).

Note: see our own report from earlier this week on Apple and the holiday shopping season, plus find an exclusive analysis of Apple's role in the "Black Friday" hype along with the iPod "mystique" factor--that so-called "halo effect"--next month, here on

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