Secured Transport Of Secret Apple Products Involved In Accident On Silicon Valley Highway

NEWS: 01.11.18- An accident on a California highway Wednesday morning that involved a commercial vehicle transporting secured items belonging to Apple, Inc., which required the contents to be driven and escorted by two armed security guards, resulted in one fatality while another was seriously injured and in the process, apparently exposed the tech giant’s secrets during the unfortunate mishap.

A freeze frame from video of the accident scene as televised on the NBC Bay Area News broadcast on Thursday evening. (Photo: NBC Bay Area News)

The news, which was broadcasted yesterday and appeared to be an exclusive, was reported Thursday by NBC Bay Area News (KNTV 11 / cable channel 3), the San Jose, California-based television news station — owned and operated by NBC Universal and parent company Comcast — which serves the San Francisco metropolitan area and is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just eight miles away from nearby Cupertino where Apple has its headquarters.

The report was an update to a story first aired the previous day on its broadcast about a deadly crash that snarled the morning commute in the city early Wednesday. Details of the vehicle’s occupants’ jobs and the owner of the vehicle’s contents were not immediately known at the time of the accident until the information was revealed much later.

The two security guards in the vehicle were, according to sources who spoke to NBC Bay Area News, retired police officers working for a security firm in San Jose. The passenger was the individual who perished while the driver suffered injuries. Video from the scene of the accident showed the underside of the vehicle as it laid on its side overturned on the highway.

A third casualty of sorts in the accident was the shroud of secrecy around the Apple products being transported which may have given clues to a soon to be released or future offering from the company.

The following was what was written in the online version of the story as published on the news station’s website shortly after it aired on TV during its 6:00 PM broadcast on Thursday evening:

“Apple is one of the most secretive companies in the world and some of those secrets may have been exposed in a fatal box truck crash Wednesday on Highway 101 in San Jose.”

NBC Bay Area News was told that the two security guards in the vehicle were armed and in charge of, to quote the source, “a very special load for Apple.” Other sources said that the contents of the vehicle being guarded were “highly sensitive products” belonging to Apple.

According to NBC Bay Area News, Apple did not confirm that the items inside the vehicle involved in the accident were theirs. During his live report on the air, reporter Damian Trujillo said that Apple had been contacted for the story but had not yet responded by the time his report aired on the broadcast Thursday evening.

At this juncture, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) does not have any information on “the nature of the cargo” — which they can only describe as commercial items — and are still in the process of investigating the accident.

What sensitive products, hitherto unannounced, Apple was secretly transporting in this secured delivery that required armed guards is currently a mystery that may, or will, be revealed should the information from the CHP’s investigation officially be released — or, bypassing confidentiality, leaked — to the general public.

Note from the Author: special thanks to NBC Bay Area News reporter Garvin Thomas who acquired for MacPrices the still image used in this article. (Thomas is also an acquaintance of this writer).

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