Design Studio Takes A… ‘Stand,’ To Give AirPods Max Users The Accessory They Ultimately Deserve

FEATURE: 02.08.21 – Hey audiophiles, listen up! The ultimate charging stand for Apple’s over-the-ear headphones is finally here (well… almost).

Did you just “Max” out (pun intended) your credit card in order to get the latest and hottest — not to mention, the priciest — hard-to-get wearable from Apple? If so, maybe since then you’ve come to the realization that following a day’s worth of actively enjoying your music, keeping the pricey gadget inside its case when it isn’t wrapped around your ears doesn’t exactly do it justice and wondered to yourself, “There’s gotta be a better way to display this device when I’m not using it!” (Like, maybe floating in the air… after all, they’re only called the AirPods Max)?

With the Max Stand from floating pixels, seen photographed above in white with a matching pair of AirPods Max from Apple, users can easily display the device and simultaneously charge it by placing the headphones onto the stand. (Photo: floating pixels)

The answer? “What is: the Max Stand.” If we were playing Jeopardy!, the clue would have been, “the charging stand your Apple AirPods Max deserve” (Thanks, Alex. I’ll take “Mac Potpourri” for $500. Wait, what, that’s not a category, and, your name is Ken? When did that happen? Oh, my… say it ain’t so!).

The Ultimate Charging Stand

“As gadget lovers, we got the new Apple AirPods Max right when they came out, and they are amazing headphones!” says floating pixels co-founder, Alexander Leiminer (speaking to MacPrices).

The caveat? According to Leiminer, it was immediately clear that something was missing with regard to the experience of using Apple’s over-the-ear headphones, so, they decided to create a custom-made solution. Described by its creators as “the ultimate charging stand for the AirPods Max,” comes the Max Stand from the Heidelberg, Germany-based design studio, floating pixels (intentionally stylized in lowercase letters).

The key feature of this third party accessory exclusively designed for Apple’s over-the-ear headphones is that when the wearable from Apple is placed Onto the charging stand? The device is charged wirelessly via a built-in magnetic connector right on the unit (note that the AirPods Max are not included and are sold separately).

However? The ultimate feature of the Max Stand is that it gives users a place to display their device when not in use (unfortunately, no… it doesn’t make your AirPods Max float in the air). Sporting a visually aesthetic appearance that complements your wearable from Apple, when the charging stand is paired with the custom acoustic design and breakthrough listening experience — not to mention, the stunning and magical design — of Apple’s over-the-ear headphones?

This combination of, Yin & Yang (so to speak) takes AirPods Max users’ overall audio / visual experience to the… “Max” (pun intended)!

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Please ‘Stand’ By…

As great as this third party accessory sounds on paper (so to speak), however, interested buyers must “stand” by (pun intended) as the product is currently still in development. Before the Max Stand can be brought to market — and, into the hands of AirPods Max users — the design studio must secure funds to cover its manufacturing and shipping costs. To this end, floating pixels has launched a campaign on Kickstarter in order to garner support for the project.

Because it has been designated as an “all or nothing” campaign, the project must be fully funded by the deadline (a total of $182,062) before production of the product can begin.

According to information provided on the project’s Kickstarter page, a working prototype of the product has already been built and its design is currently being finalized. Additionally, production partners and suppliers are on stand by (no pun intended) and the design studio has secured the materials needed (e.g., electrical components) to get the finished units manufactured and shipped out.

The expected ship date of the product per floating pixels — pending manufacturing and/or shipping delays due to the global pandemic — is late March.

“We think people will love the Max Stand. It will make the experience with the AirPods Max so much better. And [your AirPods Max are] displayed in style (no fiddling with a case or cable)!” says Leiminer.

So, are you one of those audiophiles who recently splurged and bought yourself a pair of Apple’s over-the-ear headphones (you know, the pricey gadget that you really couldn’t afford in the first place, but… you went ahead and got it anyway)? Why not consider pairing your AirPods Max with a Max Stand from floating pixels to let your eyes enjoy your wearable from Apple when your ears aren’t enjoying your music? Take a “stand” (pun intended) with a show of support and get your hands on this third party accessory by visiting the design studio’s official campaign page on the web and making a contribution to their Kickstarter project at: (the deadline for donations is February 28, 2021 so act quickly because, as we speak, time is… floating away!).

A Note from the Author: full disclosure… MacPrices was contacted by the co-founder of floating pixels who, last month, personally inquired as to whether the press materials sent with regard to the design studio’s product and subsequent Kickstarter project could be shared with the readers of this website (hence, resulting in the article published above).

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