PowerBook Buyer's Guide

PowerBook Duo 230

The Duo 230 is basically the equivalent of a 165, with a 33 MHz 68030 processor and 16-level passive matrix display. It's fast enough to competently run basic applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and e-mail. The screen is really not up to graphics-intensive applications or many games, but at 4.2 pounds, this is a good choice for the mobile professional who only needs to run basic applications while away from home or the office. The addition of a good dock makes this 'Book a cheap replacement for an older desktop system. Thanks to Daniel Davis for the photo.


At the time: B

1 serial
internal modem
processor direct slot (PDS) for dock or floppy drive

Passive-matrix 16-level grayscale
640x400 resolution

4.2 pounds

Apple's Specifications:

Logic Board Ports Power
Processor: 68030, 33 MHz
PMMU: integrated
FPU: opt. in Dock
Data Path: 32-bit, 33 MHz
L1 Cache: 0.5K
L2 Cache: none
2nd Processor: none
Slots: modem, dock
ADB: none
Video: none
Floppy: none
SCSI: none
Geoports: none
Ethernet: none
Mic Type: none
Other Ports: Printer,
Max Watts: 25
Amps: 1.04
BTU per Hr: 85.5
Voltage: 100-240
Freq Range: 50-60 Hz
Battery Type: Duo, NiMH Type I
Soft Power: yes
Memory Video Memory
Logic Board: 4 MB
RAM Slots: 1, Duo
Min - Max RAM: 4 MB - 24 MB
Min RAM Speed: 70 ns
RAM Sizes: 4-20 MB
Install in Groups of: 1
Resolution Video Memory
built-in LCD screen
(built in)
512 x 384 n/a-bit
640 x 400 4-bit
640 x 480 n/a-bit
800 x 600 n/a-bit
832 x 624 n/a-bit
1024 x 768 n/a-bit
1152 x 870 n/a-bit
1280 x 1024 n/a-bit
Physical Software Storage
Introduced: 10/19/1992
Discontinued: 7/18/1994
Form Factor: PowerBook Duo
Gestalt ID: 32
Weight (lbs): 4.2
Dimensions (in): 1.4 H x 10.9 W x 8.5 D
Addressing Modes: 24-, 32-bit
Orig SSW: 7.1
Orig Enabler: System Enabler 201
ROM ID: $067C
ROM Ver: n/a
ROM Size: 1MB
AppleTalk Ver: 57.0.4
Mac OS
7.1.1 (Pro)
Floppy Size: none
Floppy Inject: n/a
Min. Int HD Size: 80-160MB
Int HD Interface: SCSI
Orig CD Speed n/a
Int CD Support: