'Live from San Francisco, it's Breakfast with Steve Jobs'
PBCentral.com's Real-Time Coverage of Macworld 2007's Keynote

by Joe Leo, Columnist January 9, 2007

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10:56a-- Jobs Speaks About Apple's New Venture into Mobile Phones
"Today, we've added to the Mac, the iPod...," says Jobs. He hopes to capture good portion of the market in 2008. (He previously threw other markets into the ring, such as video games--that was heart stopping in terms of a rumor--and of course, mp3 players). Jobs mentions that in this market, huge market of mobile phones, a 1% market share means sales of millions of units, so starting small won't be small at all.

10:58a-- Jobs Announces Change to Company Name: 'Apple Inc.'
From this day forward, the company will no longer be known as "Apple Computer, Inc." They will be known as simply, Apple Inc. (Truly reflects Apple's new identity... no longer just a company that sells only computer hardware and software).

(Note: people are starting to leave at this point, since the schedule has Keynote ending at 11:00a. Not many were leaving though, since everyone was waiting for the "One More Thing" feature. Since Jobs started speaking at 9:13a, maybe there's still something yet?)

11:05a-- Keynote Coverage Concludes / Special Guest Performance
Seems like the keynote is over, and it's past 11:00a. People walking out during Jobs's closing remarks (thank yous, etc.) stop in their tracks when Jobs hints at an extra surprise. (Screech!!!). The surprise is simply a surprise guest, John Mayer, who will perform a number at the end of the show. Mayer comments after his first song is over, "Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. make life fun."

[CLICK HERE for photos before, during, and after the Keynote]

SIDE STORY: Major Product Unveiled at Macworld that's Apple and Isn't

(2:30p PST)-- At the Other World Computing booth in the South Hall of the exhibits/vendor displays, the tablet Mac was revealed to the entire world for the first time. Was this a secret Apple announcement kept under wraps like the display shrouded in cloth at the OWC booth? No. This new tablet Mac--very close to the rumors predicted for this year--is not an Apple product per se. It is, underneath, a regular MacBook notebook computer. However, it is created as a third-party solution (touted as the first tablet Mac solution) created by the Axiotron company and reseller OWC. Apparently the lid of the MacBook is removed, the monitor that is, along with the keyboard housing. On top of that is the newly installed modification, a touch screen panel and more. We'll have the details, plus exclusive photos from today's unveiling, in a feature/news article tomorrow.

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