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iPhone 11
Data Plans
per month
Unlimited Data
Lowest Cost
Base Plan
Data Cap
   Cricket Wireless
$55 None*
Boost Mobile $25 30GB premium
$25 30GB premium
AT&T $65 None*
88 x 31 T-Mobile logo $60 50GB premium
U.S. Cellular $29.99 None*
Verizon Wireless Logo 88x31 $35 None*
visible $25 None*
$45 20GB premium
Red Pocket Mobile $20 30GB premium
$36 25GB premium
FreedomPop $15 1GB premium
Unreal Mobile $20 10GB premium
Ultra Mobile $49 40GB premium

* No premium data
Cap = Amount of data before speed is potentially reduced.
Most carriers offer more expensive plans with greater premium data allowance and/or perks.
Many no-contract MVNO carriers (i.e., not AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon) also offer cheaper plans with a fixed amount of data available per month.

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