iPod nano (2006) Review

General Specifications:

2GB iPod nano: $149
Silver only

4GB iPod nano: $199
Silver, Green, Blue, or Pink

8GB iPod nano: $249
Black only

iPod nano Review:

by Steve Hildreth

The iPod nano was completely redesigned in September 2006. It is now thinner than before and comes in five colors, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, and Aluminum. Capacities have doubled, up to 8GB, at the same price points as before. The 2GB iPod nano is available for $149 in Aluminum only. The 4GB iPod nano is available for $199 in Aluminum, Green, Blue, or Pink. The 8GB iPod nano is available for $249 in Black only.

The nano is feature-packed for its small size. Frankly, it's smaller and thinner than pictures would indicate. The nano allows you to listen to music with great sound, of course, but it also doubles as an external hard drive, PDA, and photo album. iTunes syncs the nano with your information in iCal, Address Book, and iPhoto, allowing you to take that information with you wherever you go. The color display is sharp and crisp, if a bit small, allowing you to look at full-size photographs and play basic games.

All new iPods sport redesigned earphones and other accessories, increased battery life (over 14 hours), and screens up to 60% brighter than previous models.