Celebrating The One Year Anniversary Of The Rise Of The ‘Mac Potpourri’ Column

COMMENTARY: 05.14.19- Today marks the one year anniversary of the “Mac Potpourri” column here on MacPrices.

Now, it didn’t start right off the bat being called “Mac Potpourri”: that came a few months later.

Originally, it was “The Press Box” which was the name of my column from the days of writing for PowerBook Central (defunct since 2015, the website was merged with MacPrices this same time last year).

Take a look at older articles from 2006-09 here on this archived content page.

As the story goes, Steve Hildreth, publisher of MacPrices, contacted me in April of last year to see if I would be interested in a position writing hard hitting reviews with YouTube videos embedded into the article. He thought of me because of where I live and my proximity to accessing Apple products to which I would be reviewing shortly after they came out (not necessarily purchasing them in order to provide the reviews).

Where MacPrices is based, South Dakota, access to Apple products is not as easy as the San Francisco Bay Area where Apple Stores litter the landscape.

As much as I would have loved to do the work, sadly, because of my disability — I have been visually impaired and completely blind since 2013 — I would not have been able to tackle the job requirements to which I revealed to Steve.

However, I told him that I would be interested in providing content for the website, similar to like what I had done before for PowerBook Central, and Steve liked that idea.

The rest is history!

67 articles later (not including this one), some original, some inspired, and some even recycled (the Retro Reading series), I never thought I would get my rhythm back, not having covered Apple since 2009, almost a decade ago when I started writing this column.

In addition, I don’t know what my readership numbers were back in the days of writing “The Press Box” for PowerBook Central but the numbers for the “Mac Potpourri” column here on MacPrices are pretty amazing: in the tens of thousands! (Not to be confused with Facebook likes).

Jus look at these statistics from the top five stories written last year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my regular readers and especially Steve for having me on board.

I look forward to writing many more articles in this column and hope to be here for awhile as long as this website is running and Apple keeps rolling out products.

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