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iPod nano Specs & Reviews

2012 iPod nano
An entirely new nano with a 2.5" long touch screen.

2010-11 iPod nano
Is it a decontented previous-generation iPod nano, or a luxury iPod shuffle? We review the 2010 iPod nano with touch screen.

2009 iPod nano
Videos, FM radio, a pedometer, speakers, games, podcasts, photos, and...oh yeah, music. What's not to like on the 2009 iPod nano? Sleek, shiny, with a new larger display, the nano is a full-featured iPod that's small enough to slip into any pocket. Apple this year has added a video camera, pedometer, speaker, and FM radio tuner to its venerable iPod nano. Not as small as an iPod shuffle, nor as large as a touch or classic, the nano is just right in the eyes of many and their wallets.

2007 iPod nano
The fat-boy nano. It's super tiny, super cute, and the new UI is definitely an upgrade. I'm still sort of split on the split-screen menu system, but it's very well executed. Coverflow isn't quite as smooth on the nano as it is on iPhone - especially when you've loaded a bunch of albums into memory - but it's still a kick to have it. Somehow, nano's size makes everything all the more impressive even though it's the same bag of tricks found on iPod classic.

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